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Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

Antioxidants, Acids, Alkali and Cancer

In my preceding articles on cancer, I did not discuss the function of acids, bases and antioxidants in detail. But with the modern hype about the mind-blowing nature of fundamental water, antioxidant ingredients and tablets, I feel pressured to step in and set the records directly with presently to be had clinical literature.

The efficacy of acids, bases and antioxidants in most cancers remedy isn't a fable. It has biochemical basis knowledgeable by means of modern studies (SS Kim et al, 2004; Ian F. Robey & Lance A. Nesbit, 2013). The obvious controversy surrounding this subject emanates from bad coordination of research findings.

I actually have study articles (Bradley A. Web et al, 2011; Shi Q. Et al, 2001; Silver M. Et al, PubMed 2011) supporting systemic alkalosis or systemic hyperacidosis as the dominant poisonous issue in cancer improvement. I have additionally watched video presentations claiming that cancer development is just a herbal mobile edition to poisonous sur…

1-2-3 To Staying Cancer-Free

More and extra people have most cancers in recent times. It is nearly just like the plague that no one desires to talk about, and it continues getting worse.

In the early 1900s, one in 20 developed cancer.

In the Nineteen Forties, one in sixteen evolved most cancers.

In the Nineteen Seventies, it became one in 10.

Today, it is one in 3!
Conventional medication isn't any where close to finding a most cancers therapy. Cancer, in reality, is huge commercial enterprise for the pharmaceutical groups. It is a US $a hundred twenty five billion enterprise! The regular cancer patient spends $50,000 fighting the sickness. Chemotherapy capsules are a number of the most highly-priced of all remedies, many starting from $three,000-7,000 for a one-month supply.

The most cancers industry spends definitely not anything of its multi-billion dollar assets on prevention strategies, inclusive of nutritional recommendation, workout, and obesity training. Instead, it pours its cash into treating most …