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Surviving Prostate Cancer

I've been writing and rewriting my mind approximately 'memory' once I came across a tune known as "I Remember You" with the aid of Frank Ifield, recorded inside the early 1960's. I hit the (writing) wall... Until today.

I lately posted to Facebook, a be aware that I were Cancer FREE for 5 years. The responses to that publish have had my mind spinning like a dreidel all day.

My thoughts have run thru reminiscences of losing two of my brothers to most cancers, Robert Lynn Coons in 1994, at age 47 and Michael Edward Coons in 2012, at age 56, as well as uncles, aunts, cousins and different buddies. In the case of my brothers, their cancers have been widely unfold by the time they have been identified. We don't know if it protected Prostate Cancer. It even hurts to look that in print. Virtually every person I realize and certainly maximum of those those who clicked on "Like" or commented on that submit, have own family contributors, close and remote and friends, whom they have got additionally misplaced to most cancers. Seeing that I have survived* it, had to hurt the ones whose family individuals and friends did no longer. I in no way take that survival with no consideration. Not ever.* Whatever induced most cancers to invade my frame could motive it once more, only now not inside the identical manner. I'm more conscious now, but as George Carlin may say, 'Just due to the fact the monkey is off you again, would not imply the circus has left city'.

I ask you; plead with you to be extra aware than I became. The analysis of present Prostate Cancer got here to me via one of those serendipitous events which grew from what I concept become a special physical hassle. I had annual physicals and realized after the fact that my PSA have been climbing over the 3 previous years. I had visible it however did no longer process the data.

On the morning of January 2, 2010 Louisa, Seven and I have been strolling in Washington Park. It was very bloodless and there was snow on the floor, similar to nowadays; not anything uncommon about that. Louisa stopped to speak about puppies with a gentleman who was also taking walks his canine. At a few factor I realized that I turned into unsteady. I felt that, if I attempted to transport I could fall. When they completing travelling, Louisa started to stroll and stopped, asking me what become incorrect. I stated that I failed to suppose I ought to flow with out falling. She walked me to a bench and sat with me. She stated I had no symptoms commonly associated with a stroke. After a couple of minutes, perhaps 5, I got up and walked some with her. I felt all right, but was shaken enough to schedule an appointment with a health practitioner. The go to and the following adventure, began on January five, 2010.

Dr. Katherin Compton tested me, took a blood draw and suggested that I go to a neurologist, which I did. She additionally said that I need to visit with a urologist, considering my PSA became high, at 9 on the time. For the following 4 weeks I underwent brain scans, MRI, MRE, eeg, ekg and I do not keep in mind what else with out searching at facts. The neurologist confirmed that I had now not had a TIA, however most probable experienced low blood sugar on the event within the park.

I did visit the urologist, Dr. Reuven Rosen who advised a biopsy based on the pattern of the growing PSA. The biopsy confirmed Prostate Cancer; stuck at an early stage. After considering numerous options of remedy, which includes natural and chemo, and because of the records of most cancers in my circle of relatives, I selected to have the robot surgical operation to get rid of it. I even have and do supply way to God for his steerage, putting me in care and the capabilities of Dr. Jeremy Weiss, his personnel, nurse, doctors and technicians. I say I am cancer loose due to the fact, considering that that surgical procedure on January 4, 2011, my PSA continues to be "undetectable", which honestly approach 'now not enough to measure'.

My friend, the overdue Charles Burrell* introduced me to the Hamilton Rademacher Men Cancer Community (HRMCC), two weeks after my surgical operation. I keep to take part within the aid group and encourage you to contact me individually, through Facebook Private Messenger or through telephone, in case you know of any man whom you observed should advantage from our discussions. Men normally do not want to take part or discuss prostate cancer or speak about any illness. The HRMCC gives an environment wherein men genuinely do that. Really. *Not to be confused with the well-known Denver musician of the identical call.

Prostate Cancer is still researched and is supported by means of agencies domestically, which include the Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) and through occasions which include Mac's Run for PCEC and the Denver Blue Shoe 5k, hosted via The Urology Clinic of Colorado (TUCC). I've run in each of those races, carrying a BIB that has quite a number and the phrase SURVIVOR on it. I am a five-yr survivor of Prostate Cancer. I am careful about what I devour and drink and remain watchful of any modifications that might sign a change in that country.

There aren't many 'givens' about Prostate Cancer. Because of the prostate, it is a male contamination, every now and then determined as early as a long time forty plus and greater regularly 50 plus. For reasons unknown up to now, if is discovered greater regularly in African American guys. I asked a visitor speaker at a assembly of the HRMCC, a retired urologist why this is. He stated, 'we simply do not know.' It's an crucial part of the research, however as but, and not using a conclusive outcomes.

I thanks for your reaction to my post on Facebook.Com and for studying this Ezine Article. I could appreciate it even more if you'll visit with the guys in your lives about it. If you're studying this and you're a man over forty, please talk with a urologist approximately your prostate condition.