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Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

Surviving Prostate Cancer

I've been writing and rewriting my mind approximately 'memory' once I came across a tune known as "I Remember You" with the aid of Frank Ifield, recorded inside the early 1960's. I hit the (writing) wall... Until today.

I lately posted to Facebook, a be aware that I were Cancer FREE for 5 years. The responses to that publish have had my mind spinning like a dreidel all day.

My thoughts have run thru reminiscences of losing two of my brothers to most cancers, Robert Lynn Coons in 1994, at age 47 and Michael Edward Coons in 2012, at age 56, as well as uncles, aunts, cousins and different buddies. In the case of my brothers, their cancers have been widely unfold by the time they have been identified. We don't know if it protected Prostate Cancer. It even hurts to look that in print. Virtually every person I realize and certainly maximum of those those who clicked on "Like" or commented on that submit, have own family contributors, close and remote…