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Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

Cancer Cured

Cancer is a most malignant scourge. But, it's miles the studies to discover a remedy that continues in fleecing the American public out of billions of dollars each yr. For no obvious motive aside from greed by using the pharmaceutical enterprise, our elected officers and coverage organizations the American public remains deceived by way of the media, a whole lot of the clinical network and the FDA into wondering that the only manner to give you a cancer therapy is to donate more money into it is studies. It is that this kind of merry-move-round by way of the media this is praying at the publics gullibility with all those evident commercials we see almost each few minutes on TV begging for extra money. It is your hard earned dollars that continually continues this false pretense that most cancers research to be successful simplest relies upon on gaining extra cash. This kind of ploy to dup the public into questioning that handiest more coins funneled in most cancers research will …