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Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

Can Cancer Be Cured?

For years medical doctors have been announcing the remedy for most cancers is "simply around the corner." Actually, they have got been saying this for the closing a hundred years! It's time to prevent and ask why science has made no actual progress in finding a remedy. What's being done with the billions spent on research since the National Cancer Act of 1971? Why are we nevertheless having most cancers walks and dances, and so on.? What is being finished with the cash?

In the remaining 40 years there was no significant development on a cure for cancers on this usa. Rather emphasis remains on treating signs with high priced radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, some thing that become already being achieved nicely earlier than Nixon's 1971 most cancers act. And facts display that the incidence of cancer is now better than ever.

Let's face it, the traditional most cancers enterprise is a political and monetary introduction of big business. Brutal chemotherapy …